TAtchers' – why this name?
The name is very important.
And the name of our company is also not accidental...

We are often asked why this strange name – TAtchers' Art Management.
This is not only strange, but also difficult for many to pronounce.
Let us tell you, especially because since this story is very fascinating.

Once apon a time, 12 years ago, Anna Shvets and Tatiana Makarova decided to combine their experience in organizing international events and to make their own company.

Both already had the convincing experience of projects around the world, ambition, and a keen desire to do what they love. The brainstorming session began in a cozy Moscow coffee shop and, by the way, was very rapid. It was only necessary to voice the question – we are women, and what world examples of women leaders inspire us? And the name Margaret Thatcher sounded. "I wasn't lucky, I deserved it", the Iron Lady once said, answering journalists' questions.

MICE is a commonly accepted abbreviation in the world – Meetings, Intensives, Conferences, Events.
And BINGO! – the name was born. We were originally called TAtchers' MICE Management.

We are very actively involved in the work, cooperating with almost all embassies, trade missions and major international brands. The 2008 crisis period was phenomenally successful for us, we were been working 24/7 expanding horizons and conquering one peak after another. Then the founders parted ways. Tatiana went into marketing. Anna decided to continue in the direction of art management, changing the name to TAtchers' Art Management.
Margaret Thatcher, in full Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven (1925 - 2013), the "Iron Lady" of British politics, who set her country on a rightward economic course, led it to victory in the Falklands war, British Conservative Party politician and prime minister (1979 - 90), Europe's first woman prime minister.
The only British prime minister in the 20th century to win three consecutive terms and, at the time of her resignation, Britain's longest continuously serving prime minister since 1827, she accelerated the evolution of the British economy from statism to liberalism and became, by personality as much as achievement, the most renowned British political leader since Winston Churchill.

The term THATCHERISM came to refer not just to these policies but also to certain aspects of her ethical outlook and personal style, including moral absolutism, a zealous regard for the interests of the individual, and a combative, uncompromising approach to achieving political goals.

Even in later years she continued to speak and lecture, notably in the United States and Asia, and established the Thatcher Foundation to support free enterprise and democracy, particularly in the newly liberated countries of central and eastern Europe. In 1995 she became a member of the Order of the Garter.

What about spelling?
- Experts in English language might ask
Yes, we brought out the letter "H", just in case, as we thought then 12 years ago. What if we become famous all over the world, and one day the problem of naming will put us in front of the descendants of Mrs Thatcher and no arguments about respect for Iron Lady will soften them.

Why are the first two letters in uppercase? Haha, and there is an explanation for this. Remember the names of the ancestors? Exactly, Tatiana and Anna. That is it, they remained a great tribute to the memory.
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